Alison Flower, Hearing Therapist

Alison is a registered therapist specialising in a range of treatments for hearing and balance disorders for both adults and children

Hearing and balance disorders have a big impact on a person’s life and cause disruption in work, family life and hobbies. This affects a person physically and emotionally. My role is to support and guide patients through the recovery process.

Rehabilitation is a holistic approach that takes the whole person into account and therapy is tailored for each individual.

A lot of my patients will make a full recovery, but those that don’t will find they can manage their symptoms  and it’s not having an influence on their quality of life.

From my viewpoint, this makes  my job very rewarding which is why I have focused on this role for over 15 years.

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“Whilst very common in the population, hearing loss does not have to be a problem and can be significantly helped with treatment.” – Alison Flower.